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Mobility Hub Africa launches for an online campaign for two well known fashion brands.

Mobility Hub Africa is looking to find diverse talent in the following categories, the age range is 18 - 35 years old:

1. Actors/Actresses/Film Makers
2. Musicians/DJ's/Record Label representatives
3. Artists/Photographers/Gallery owners
4. Dancers
5. Miscellanous - Writers/Journalists/Chefs - anything creative!
6. Blogger/Media
7. Sports/Athletes

- Mobility Hub Africa wants the cast to be new cultural ambassadors for Africa. They are representing a new generation of Africa and through the arts are spreading a positive message about contemporary Africa and what it's like to live there.

- Would be great if they are involved in creative cultural events (Fashion Shows/Art Shows/Pop up restaurants/Festivals). Anything that brings communities together and celebrates modern Africa through all these different fields.

- The cast members are going to all be given blogs and we want their involvement to exist beyond the online campaign. Its going to provide them with a very unique global platform on which to promote their creativity.

- The shoot will take place in Senegal in early August, travel and accommodation will be arranged for every participant.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Roxy Walton at : casting@10-4inc.com

Mobility Hub Africa is a Virtual Mobility Platform offering information on the Arts and Culture in Africa such as venues (spaces, residencies, training centers…etc.), events (Festivals, Fairs, Biennales, Professional Meetings...etc.), cultural practitioners and their projects, platforms, references, key documents and data related to travel and Mobility within Africa.

[D'après une information diffusée par Mobility Hub Africa]

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